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You weren’t supposed to have this mech. You’ve been around mechs or even piloted them, or have friends who pilot them, but they’re not like this mech. Maybe you stole it, maybe you built it, maybe you found it or it found you, but people like you aren’t supposed to get access to power like this. People like you are in danger from the start, but you aren’t there alone. You have a crew, a community or family of some kind, & now you have the means to protect them. Or take them somewhere better.

Your new mech is so generous with what it gives you, but it asks you to be generous too. You can only access all its abilities by giving up pieces of yourself, your old body’s functions traded to the new one. It’s ok though— you’re used to losing things anyway, & maybe losing an eye or your steady heartbeat is worth it to save a friend.

'Cause You'll Look Broke Down is a 2-player tabletop RPG about what you'll give up to protect your chosen family. A pilot & narrator work together to tell the story of a crew who finally has a chance at fighting back. All of you probably won't make it out of this alive & still a family; if you do, you'll have given up big parts of what make you yourself. But hey, better to lose on your terms than theirs. Requires 2 people with around 1-2 hours to play, 2 six-sided dice, half a deck of cards, something to write with, & something to write on. cw: death, injury, possible body horror


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